Resurrected Abominations

7.5 14人评价

Victimizer / 2009-06-12


#4 is a Hobbs Angel of Death cover
Victimizer was formed during Wacken 2000, the line up was: J. Killheiler (vocals) Dr. Rape (guitar) and C. Molestor (Drums). In oct. 2000 we recorded our first reh/demo "Skullfucked by Victimizer" lim. to only 20 (Stafa org. re-released this tape in 242 copies in may 2001). Suicide Machine joined this recording on session lead guitar. For some time nothing happened, besides writing new trax, but during feb. 2001 Snuff joined on drums and this improved the sound very much and new powerful metal anthems were created.

Resurrected Abominations的曲目列表

1. Worthy of Hell 05:15
2. Reap the Nuclear Whirlwind 04:23
3. Resurrected Abominations 04:31
4. Lucifer's Domain 05:04
5. E-37101 05:03

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