Life Goes On

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The Adicts / 摇滚 / 2009-11-17


2009 album from the veteran British Punk outfit, still featuring all four original members. The Adicts hail from Ipswich, Suffolk, England and were one of the most popular 'old school' Punk bands throughout the '80s, '90s and beyond. Their song 'Viva La Revolution' was featured in the video game Tony Hawk's Underground and in commercials for the E! channel advertising their reality television show Pop Fiction. The band formed in late 1975 and became known for their distinctive Clockwork Orange droog image, which, along with their urgent, up-tempo music and light-hearted lyrics, helped set them apart from other Punk bands. They remain one of the most entertaining bands live, Punk or otherwise, and continue to release albums filled with top notch Punk/Pop tunes. EMI.

Life Goes On的曲目列表

1. Spank Me Baby
2. I Love You But Don't Come Near Me
3. Reaky Deaky Boys And Girls
4. I'm Not Scared Of You
5. Over There
6. MAD
7. Gangster
8. We Ain't Got A Say
9. Full Circle
10. Mr Dice Man
11. Tuned in Turned On Dropped Out
12. Mr Hard
13. Life Goes On
14. Hidden Track

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