Fixin to Thrill

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Dragonette / 2009-10-23


Dragonette follow up their acclaimed debut LP "Galore" with this new set of records that sees the band taking all their influences and meshing them into a more cohesive whole. At the center of the record is still great songs, with undeniable melodies
Album Notes
• Dragonette are back with their new album “Fixin to Thrill” �— filled with electro pop hooks and irresistible melodies
• 12 date US Tour begins on October 19thnd, 10 Date European Tour begins Nov 11th. Follow-up US tour in Feb 09, European Tour March 09.
• Band has over 2 million myspace plays and over 2.5 million youtube plays
• Current album has generated 4 Hype Machine #1s, and band has been in many “Top 10 Most Blogged” lists since they started promo-ing the record in April 2009.
• Our leading single is” Pick Up The Phone” and will be serviced to radio the last week of August
• Independent publicity (High Rise PR) hired in USA. Featured in Vogue, NY Post and Spin amongst others.
• Band was recently featured on Kanye West and Perez Hilton’s Blogs..
• Tracks from this record already placed in “Grey’s Anatomy,” The Hills,” ”Vampire Diaries.” “Sorority Row,” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”
• Heavy focus on online, street, and lifestyle marketing around release
• Club servicing of different remixes for the first two singles, including Richard X and Don Diablo.
• Band’s recent collaboration with Martin Solveig and Jean Paul Gaultier - “Boys & Girls” currently Top 10 airplay record in France.

Fixin to Thrill的曲目列表

01. Fixin to Thrill 4:07
02. Gone Too Far 3:40
03. Liar 3:56
04. Stupid Grin 3:45
05. Easy 3:47
06. Pick Up The Phone 3:35
07. We Rule The World 3:41
08. Big Sunglasses 3:30
09. Okay Dolores 2:33
10. Come On Be Good 3:22
11. You're A Disaster 3:32
12. Don't Be Funny 3:13

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