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AOKI Takamasa / 2009-10-05


*Incredible 25-minute percussion and bass variations from Japanese uber-producer Aoki Takamasa, new on Raster Noton!* Hugely respected percussive technician Aoki Takamasa has released a stream of rhythmic electronic expressions on labels like Fat Cat and Progressive Form since 2001. This is his first set of productions for the Raster Noton imprint, released as part of their 'Unun' series, after previous installments from Grischa Lichtenberg and NHK. 'RN-Rhythm-Variations' explores body-enveloping digital rhythms reminding us of SND's autistic funk rewired with the hi-brow hip-hop swing of Frank Bretschneider. The succinctly titled 'RN2-09 PT1 + PT2' may be of most interest to any DJ's due to the 130bpm tempo setting and heavily swung robo-step rhythms, crafting irresistibly funky patterns from the sheerest digital processing, before 'RN3-09' settles down into a bass-shaped blue groove reminding us of Farben if he had a stronger taste for licks of caustic digital noise. On the flip 'RN4-09' concentrates on a heavily swung and Bretschneider-style hiphop rhythm with cyber-squalls of distortion, while 'RN5-09' sounds like a Tin Man track reprocessed by NHK. This EP retains the impeccable quality of the series so far and comes highly recommended to any fans of Autechre, Alva Noto or Pan Sonic. Play Loud!


A1 Rn2-09 Pt1 + Pt2 5:37
Voice - Tujiko Noriko
A2 Rn3-09 5:03
B1 Rn4-09 5:38
B2 Rn5-09 6:09





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