Glee: The Music, Volume 1

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Glee Cast / 原声 / 2009-11-03


Relive your favorite Glee moments with original cast recordings. 17 tracks including "Don't Stop Believin", "Somebody to Love" and "Take a Bow."

Glee: The Music, Volume 1的曲目列表

1. Don't Stop Believin'
2. Can't Fight This Feeling
3. Gold Digger
4. Take a Bow
5. Bust Your Windows
6. Taking Chances
7. Alone
8. Maybe This Time
9. Somebody to Love
10. Hate On Me
11. No Air
12. You Keep Me Hangin' On
13. Keep Holding On
14. Bust a Move
15. Sweet Caroline
16. Dancing with Myself
17. Defying Gravity

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