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MOTORO FAAM / 电子 / 2006


MOTORO FAAM is hailed from Kanagawa, Japan and is an act made by three 23 years old musicians. Mizukami Ryuta takes care of the electronic side of this unique project (samples and programming) while Kobara Daisuke (violin) and Kato Ayumi (piano) both classical educate have a main input in the musical part. MOTORO FAAM brings a perfect blending of weird electronica with beautiful played violin and piano. The general sound can be described as Murcof or Donato Wharton in a very experimental state of mind. U-cover is pleased to have this act on their roster and a follow up release on the new U-cover transparente label is already planned for this year. With Fragments these three Japanese youngsters brings their European debut, seven tracks full of emotions, strange sounds and touching melodies. MOTORO FAAM is an act with some great future and Fragments can be seen as a big musical statement.


01. ice floe ceiling

02. dancer on a tangent

03. a change of a cityscape

04. fragments call

05. planning for Living rooms

06. ridgeline 0

07. atom





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