Across The Ocean Grey

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Agnes Kain / 2009-10-17


Agnes kain are sweet acoustic pop duo chanelle afford and stef simunic, originally from sydney-via-melbourne and now based in london. This is their second album inspired by their big move to the northern hemisphere. Penned on buses, trains and during airport sleep overs around the world. Recorded in london and mixed and mastered in glasgow by brian mcneill. With the most beautiful female vocal, fans of belle and sebastian, feist, sufjan stevens will also enjoy the world of agnes kain.

Across The Ocean Grey的曲目列表

1. a great idea
2. set you apart
3. Gideon
4. missing
5. the gentleman from Paris
6. like sirens
7. we crash into the sea
8. sad smiles and goodbyes
9. thieves
10. into the night flying

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