Battle Studies

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John Mayer / 摇滚 / 2009-11-17


Battle Studies is the fourth studio album by American recording artist John Mayer, released on November 17, 2009 by Columbia Records. Production took place from February to August 2009 at Battle Studies recording studio in Calabasas, California, Capitol Studios in Hollywood, and The Village in West Los Angeles, California, and was handled by Mayer and Steve Jordan.

Battle Studies的曲目列表

Recorded tracks
* "Heartbreak Warfare"
* "Half of My Heart" (feat. Taylor Swift)
* "Friends, Lovers or Nothing"
* "War of My Life"
* "Crossroads" (Robert Johnson cover)
* "Rock Song"
* "Who Says"
* "Assassin"
* "Taking on Water"
* "Perfectly Lonely"
* "All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye"
* "Let a Man Be Lost"
* "Cry and Yawn"

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