Espers III

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Espers / 2009-10-20


After what seems to be an interminably long gap and born into an inextricably changed world, Espers III walks among us, finally and finely. It's not as if Espers completely disappeared following their acclaimed first and second albums and tours. They played the odd show here and there - but with time and focus given to Meg Baird's solo album Dear Companion, The Valerie Project project and Helena Espvall's collaborations with Masaki Batoh and others, not to mention the launching and flight of Greg Weeks' Language of Stone label, three years passed like a day or two in the life of Espers. Picking up the threads with ease, Espers III was intended to be an aural reversal of the layered sound of II.

Espers III的曲目列表

1 I Can't See Clear
2 The Road of Golden Dust
3 Caroline
4 The Pearl
5 That Which Darkly Thrives
6 Sightings
7 Meridian
8 Another Moon Song
9 Colony
10 Trollslända

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