World Painted Blood

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Slayer / 摇滚 / 2009-11-03


Slayer is the premier thrash metal band on the planet. Since 1983 the band has defined a genre and thrived where many have come and gone. Consistently releasing acclaimed albums and delivering brutal live shows, Slayer is a revered and respected fixture in the hard rock/metal landscape now and forever. World Painted Blood is the most vital and exciting metal release in recent memory. Produced by Greg Fidelman and Executive Produced by Rick Rubin (the same team responsible for Metallica's Death Magnetic) the songs are intense and performed at a level only reachable by the masters of their craft. From epic statements like the title track and "Hate Worldwide," to the fast, punk/thrash outbursts of "Snuff" and "Psychopathy Red," to the dark theater of "Beauty Through Order" and "Human Strain" there is nothing backward-looking about World Painted Blood; it's the sound of a band effortlessly earning their relevance in 2010.

World Painted Blood的曲目列表

1 World Painted Blood 5:53
2 Unit 731 2:39
3 Snuff 3:42
4 Beauty Through Order 4:36
5 Hate Worldwide 2:52
6 Public Display Of Dismemberment 2:34
7 Human Strain 3:09
8 Americon 3:22
9 Psychopathy Red 2:26
10 Playing With Dolls 4:13
11 Not Of This God 4:20

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