Splendor In The Grass

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Pink Martini / 爵士 / 2009-10-27


Pink Martini’s fourth studio album — Splendor In The Grass — encapsulates the band’s history and spirit of global collaboration and inclusivity. Comprised of nine original songs and four covers (with songs in English, Neapolitan, Italian, French and Spanish), Splendor In The Grass was recorded in the band’s hometown of Portland, Oregon and produced by bandleader/pianist Thomas Lauderdale and longtime collaborator and muse Alex Marashian—a college cohort of Lauderdale and vocalist China Forbes.
Pink Martini Personnel :
China Forbes, vocals
Gavin Bondy, trumpet
Robert Taylor, trombone
Nicholas Crosa, violin
Pansy Chang, cello
Dan Faehnle, guitar
Phil Baker, upright bass
Maureen Love, harp
Timothy Nishimoto, vocals & percussion
Brian Davis, congas & percussion
Derek Rieth, congas & percussion
Martin Zarzar, drums & percussion
Thomas M. Lauderdale, piano
Featuring the Harvey Rosencrantz Orchestra
Produced by Thomas M. Lauderdale & Alex Marashian
Recorded by Dave Friedlander at Kung Fu Bakery in Portland, Oregon, September 2008 �— July 2009.
Mixed by Dave Friedlander with Guillaume Lejault (2nd engineer) at Studio de la Grande Armée in Paris, France, July 2009.
Mastered by Bernie Grundman with Joe Bozzi (2nd engineer) at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles, August 2009.
Design & layout by Mike King at Crash Design in Portland, Oregon.
Booklet cover photo by João Canziani.
Photographs by Thomas M. Lauderdale & Peter Murray.

Splendor In The Grass的曲目列表

* Ninna nanna
* Ohayoo Ohio
* Splendor in the Grass
* Ou est ma tete?
* And Then You're Gone
* But Now I'm Back
* Sunday Table
* Over the Valley
* Tuca tuca
* Bitty Boppy Betty
* Sing
* Piensa en mi
* New Amsterdam
* Ninna nanna (reprise)

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