The Sun Came Out

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7 Worlds Collide / 2009-08-31


Artist:7 Worlds Collide
Album :The Sun Came Out
Date :2009.09.04
Label :Sony Music
Style :Alternative
《The Sun Came Out》是一个慈善机构的录音室专辑,由新西兰歌手/作曲家Neil Finn的Roundhead工作室推出。这张专辑的受益者将是世界各地的音乐爱好者。
7 Worlds Collide包括Johnny Marr、Ed O'Brien、Sebastian Steinberg、Phil Selway、Lisa Germano、Tim Finn、Liam Finn以及Don McGlashan、Bic Runga、Glenn Richards、KT Tunstall、Jeff Tweedy、John Stirratt、Glenn Kotche、Pat Sansone等艺人团体。

The Sun Came Out的曲目列表

Disc 1
01.Too Blue
02.You Never Know
03.Little By Little
04.Learn To Crawl
05.Black Sillk Ribbon
06.Girl Make Your Own Mind Up
07.Run In The Dust
08.Red Wine Bottle
09.Ties That Bind Us
11.Bodisattva Blues
12.What Could Have Been
Disc 2
01.All Comedians Suffer
02.Duxton Blues
03.Hazel Black
04.Riding The Wave
05.Witching Hour
06.Over And Done
07.Change Of Heart
08.Don't Forget Me
09.Long Time Gone
10.The Cobbler
11.3 Worlds Collide
12.The Water

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