New Acoustic Swing Duo

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Han Bennink / Willem Breuker / 爵士 / 1967


Drums, Percussion [Bass Drum, Small & Large Tom Toms, Street Parade Drum, Snare Drum, Tabla, Banya, Vibrapan, Homemade Rattles, Cow & Temple Bells, Chinese 7inch Giant Cymbals, Scraper, Chinese Temple Blocks, Hi-hat, Iron And Wooden Sticks], Voice, Artwork By [Cover] – Han Bennink
Engineer – Gerard Van Beusekom
Saxophone [Soprano, Alto, Tenor], Clarinet [Eb, Bass], Composed By – Willem Breuker

New Acoustic Swing Duo的曲目列表

A1 Music For John Tchicai (7:45)
A2 Felix Meritis And B.V. (4:35)
A3 I.C.P. 1 For Maarten Derksen (1:40)
A4 Singing The Impalpable Blues (3:15)
A5 Mr M.A. De R. In A. (3:20)
B1 Gamut (21:16)

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