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Altaria / 2009-08-28


来自芬兰Jakobstad小镇的Altaria乐队在2000年成军,其主要曲风为Power Metal,不同于一般的Power Metal高吭音调的风格,他们在曲子还添加了一点摇滚味,有点像是Rock & Metal的综合体,有着与众不凡的气势,然而却又带点铁汉柔情的元素来诠译,呈现出Power Metal另一种不同的音乐风貌。
2003年乐队被德国金属大厂Metal Heaven签下,发行了首张专辑《Invitation》;2006年他们共同和德国金属女皇Doro以及同乡的力量金属名团Sonata Arctica合作演出,这几年团员一直变动,同时也和不少大牌乐队的成员互有往来,如Nightwish的吉他手Erno "Emppu" Vuorinen,Sonata Arctica的吉他手Jani Liimatainen,而现在唯一从建立之初就在乐队中的成员就只有鼓手Tony Smedjebacka,今年乐队刚刚发行了第5张专辑《Unholy》(其中四张完整录音室专辑,一张精选集),同时他们还将再度投入欧洲各地巡回演唱。
今年最新的《Unholy》专辑,Altaria换到了Escape Music旗下,这张新专辑和之前的三张专辑相比也有了变化,以下是来自dangerdog网站的乐评:
Don't get any preconceived ideas about the content of the new Altaria by it's title Unholy. It's a misnomer; there's no evil, mysterious or frightening heavy metal here. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Switching from Metal Heaven to Escape Music this year as Altaria's Unholy has a greater flavor of melodic metal and hard rock for which the label is well known.
In the past, Altaria has always been quite good at mixing strong melodies, ambitious vocal arrangements, and a catchy groove to its heavy metal. Unholy cranks this formula up more than a few notches. The greater majority of songs could easily pass for melodic hard rock, heavier yes, but quite melodic all the same. Songs like Pride & Desire, Never Wonder Why, Underdog, and especially Steal Your Thunder and Wind Beneath My Wings betray this characteristic. The latter two, Steal Your Thunder and Wind Beneath My Wings, develop the strongest rock and roll groove on the entire album. A song that blurs this distinction is Ready which can only be described as a heavy rock anthem with a well developed melody and hook (unlike much modern heavy rock).
But don't dismay because the heavy metal is still here on Unholy. The formula of a catchy melody and big vocal arrangement blend with heavy metal on Alterior Motive, Unholy Invasion, and We Own The Fire. A truly sterling example of traditional melodic heavy metal at its story-telling best is found on The Lake, a satisfying and spooky tale set to music. The combination of these melodic hard rock and heavy metal elements give Altaria a huge boost in their musical journey. Their sound is nearing arena anthem sound, almost like a heavier Def Leppard without the pretentious over produced wall of sound.
With Unholy, Finland's Altaria pushes their already robust melodic sound from heavy metal to hard rock. The metal is hardly forgotten, but it is refined with better melodies, huge vocal arrangements with catchy choruses, and a near arena rock sound. Very recommended!


1. Alterior Motive 03:59
2. Warrior 04:18
3. Unholy Invasion 03:49
4. Pride & Desire 03:05
5. The Lake 05:29
6. Danger Zone 03:21
7. Steal Your Thunder 03:23
8. Wind Beneath My Wings 03:24
9. We Own The Fire 03:48
10. Ready! 02:54
11. Never Wonder Why 03:42
12. Underdog 04:31





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