We're Too Young

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Andy Bull / 2009-08-21


Australian Exclusive Release
Sydney based musician Andy Bull started his musical life as a young child playing the keyboards that his father had collected throughout his travels. It didn't take long for his obvious musical talents to shine through, eclipse his fathers own abilities and set the path for Andy Bull's rise into the world of soulful melodies and thoughtful lyrics.He has become known for more than the singer/songwriter label that he carries but as a power house of harmonies with a voice so beautifully unexpected that it sets him apart from all other artists. While his music continues to grow based on his experiences in life, his firm grasp of the ability to meld the heavy with the light and the sweet with the melancholic is already apparent.

We're Too Young的曲目列表

01.We're Too Young
02.Young Man
03.Shes A Ghost
04.Samll Town Girl
05.One Thing You Should Know
07.Do You Recall
08.Go Outside
09.Grown Folk
10.You Make It So Hard To Love You
11.Sum Of All My Dreams

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