Break Up

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Pete Yorn / Scarlett Johansson / 民谣 / 2009-07-09


Includes eight original compositions by Pete/Scarlett in the spirit of Serge Gainsbourg's recording with Brigitte Bardot. The album re-enacts the tempestuous course of a love affair on the rocks. Featuring an interpretation of the art-rock classic 'I Am the Cosmos' by the late Chris Bell co-founder of Big Star. 'Break Up' is Johansson's 2nd release with Atco, following her debut, 'Anywhere I Lay My Head'. The album had its genesis in the aftermath of a breakup in 2006. After Yorn was unable to sleep for a week, he finally dozed off, only to wake with a start just minutes later. What had awakened him was a dream. "I sat up in bed, and the whole thing was in my head, fully formed," Yorn says, sounding as if he still doesn't quite believe it. "I suddenly felt like I really needed to make a record in the style of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot. Not that it had to sound like that, but it had to be a guy-and-girl conceptual thing. So then I asked myself, 'Who's Brigitte Bardot today? It's Scarlett Johansson.'" Yorn gave Johansson a call. Intrigued by his out-of-the-blue invitation, she decided to go for it. "Pete told me that he'd had a dream that we recorded an album together," she recalls, "and with that momentum, he had written eight songs that he'd wanted to record pretty low-key. I've always loved Pete's voice and have been friends with him for some time. It sounded like an interesting little adventure. He used the Serge and Brigitte recordings as reference for the ambiance he was trying to capture. He liked the idea of two people vocalizing their relationship through duets."

Break Up的曲目列表

01 Relator
02 Wear And Tear
03 I Don't Know What To Do
04 Search Your Heart
05 Blackie's Dead
06 I Am The Cosmos
07 Shampoo
08 Clean
09 Someday

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