Who We Are

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Lifehouse / 2007-09-03


14 tracks. From the band that brought you the hugh hit back in 2001, 'hanging by a moment', lifehouse return in 2007 with their new album 'who we are'. Includes the single, 'first time' which was a massive crossover hit in the us! With 'who we are', lifehouse takes another evolutionary step making an upbeat album full of potential hits sure to please fans and make new ones. The australian / uk version features 2 bonus tracks which are not available on the north american version! 1. DISARRAY 2. FIRST TIME 3. WHATEVER IT TAKES 4. WHO WE ARE 5. BROKEN 6. THE JOKE 7. EASIER TO BE 8. MAKE ME OVER 9. MESMERIZED 10. BRIDGES 11. LEARN YOU INSIDE OUT 12. STORM 13. KEEP THE CHANGE (BONUS TRACK) 14. I WANT YOU TO KNOW (BONUS TRACK)

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