Open Hearts

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The Longcut / 2009-10


The Longcut are a musical trio from Manchester in the UK. Formed in 2002 the band's debut album.The album, the follow-up to 2006's 'A Call And Response', was recorded in the trio's rehearsal room in Salford and produced by Nine Black Alps guitarist David Jones.
the band focus frequently on instrumentals and music with very little lyrics. This, alongside drum machines, synthesisers and energetic performances mean that the band often go from conventional indie and into something altogether more experimental and dance-based, while still retaining the foundations of general rock.

Open Hearts的曲目列表

01 Out at the Roots
02 Something Inside
03 Tell You So (free download)
04 Evil Dance
05 You Can Always Have More
06 Open Hearts
07 At Any Time
08 Mary Bloody Sunshine
09 Repeated
10 Boom
11 The Last Ones Here

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