Sleeping Patterns


Jordie Lane / 2009-06-23


Co-produced by Jeff Lang and Tim Hall, Sleeping Patterns had been brewing in the subconscious of Jordie's mind for nearly four years, and eventually came to fruition in the winter of 2008. Recorded in little more than five days, in the open warehouse space called Adelphia in Melbourne the album is storytelling at its rawest, gutsiest, and most fragile. Featuring guest performances by prominent roots artists Ashley Davies, Jeff Lang, Laura Jean, Liz Stringer, Garrett Costogan and Stevie Hesketh, Sleeping Patterns moves between finger pickin' ballads, western tunes, rockin' blues and even the odd sea shanty.

Sleeping Patterns的曲目列表

1. The Publicans Daughter
2. War Rages On
3. Dig Straight Through
4. Circadian Rhythm
5. The Day I Leave This Town ♪
6. I Could Die Looking At You
7. Fell Into Me
8. John W. Thistle
9. Clearer You’ll See
10. Zeitgeber
11. When There Once Was Life To Come
12. Walking That Way
13. Love Has Locked The Door

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