My Old, Familiar Friend

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Brendan Benson / 2009-08-18


Brendan Benson (born November 14, 1970, Michigan) is an American musician and songwriter. He sings and plays guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums. He has released three solo albums and is a member of the band The Raconteurs.
Benson's major musical influences include The Cars, David Bowie, The Electric Light Orchestra, Elvis Costello, The Kinks, Robyn Hitchcock, Paul McCartney, Joe Jackson, The Who, Dramarama and Todd Rundgren
After spending a couple of years recording and touring withJack White as the Raconteurs, 'My Old Familiar Friend' is Brendan Benson's fourth solo album. One of the most gifted and earnest songwriters around, Benson is able to take raucousguitar lines and effortlessly craft them into songs that marry pop and alt. rock. Included is the impressive and urgentbreak-up/make-up song 'A Whole Lot Better'.

My Old, Familiar Friend的曲目列表

1. A Whole Lot Better
2. Eyes on the Horizon
3. Garbage Day
4. Gonowhere
5. Feel Like Taking You Home
6. You Made a Fool Out of Me
7. Poised and Ready
8. Don't Wanna Talk
9. Misery
10. Lesson Learned
11. Borrow

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