Loso's Way

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Fabolous / 2009-07-28


After nearly one full decade at the absolute pinnacle of the rap game, Desert Storm/Def Jam artist Fabolous will deliver the most personal, confessional album of his career when LOSO'S WAY arrives in the physical and digital marketplace on July 28th. The new album provides an intimate glimpse into the rise of the Brooklyn-born rapper, one of today's most important and controversial players, exploring the perils that come with managing the transition from a street life to one of legitimacy.

Underscoring the autobiographical portrait of LOSO'S WAY is Fab's first long-form video project, a 30-minute film to be released in conjunction with the album. Several trailers from the film have been released, creating a huge buzz for the project online. Known for keeping his personal life separate from his rap career, Fab was inspired by Carlito's Way (Al Pacino), as he told SOHH.com recently: "I think we had some similarities. Carlito was a street dude trying to make the transition from the streets to something better. That's where I felt I was at....transitioning from the streets to a hip-hop artist."

In advance of LOSO'S WAY, two singles are building simultaneously at radio: "Throw It In The Bag" featuring fellow Def Jam artist The-Dream (produced by Tricky Stewart) was #1 Most-Added at Rhythm formats; and "It's My Time" featuring brand new Def Jam artist Jeremih (produced by the Runners) is currently exploding at the Urban format.

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The Way "Intro"


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