Weird Tales of the Ramones

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The Ramones / 2005-08-09


The supreme godfathers of punk-face it, they were on their third album before the Sex Pistols even broke-are true American originals, and their sensational end-of-the-century juggernaut is chronicled as never before in this career-spanning collection. Reducing and scrambling multiple strains of early rock 'n' roll and pop into a signature chainsaw of sound, the Ramones' loud, fast, and hard legacy rocketed out of NYC's CBGB in the early '70s and changed the face of modern music. Johnny Ramone, before his 2004 passing, oversaw the compilation of this first-ever Ramones blitzkrieg box for Rhino.

Weird Tales of the Ramones的曲目列表

Blitzkrieg Bop


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