The Ballroom Break-In

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Brendan James / 2008


I was born and raised in Derry, New Hampshire (spending the weekends at my dads in MANCHESTER), and went to college at UNC Chapel Hill. For the better part of 3 years I have lived in NYC trying to 'live the dream' and get my music out to the rest of the world. My day (and night) job was working at urban outfitters at 72nd & B'way, which was great...well kind of :) Now, I do music full time, which is pretty amazing. I hope that I can make as many new friends to share my music with as possible. My full length record "The Day is Brave," is due out this Spring but for right now you can check out my EP, "The Ballroom Break-In," produced by Mikal Blue (his discography includes the very talented Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves, Augustana, and Five For Fighting). The EP is available on iTunes and it features 3 songs from the full length record. If you enjoy it, pass it on...

The Ballroom Break-In的曲目列表

1. All You Can See
2. Hero's Song
3. The Other Side
4. Let Your Beat Go on


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