Tidal Eyes

7.5 106人评价

The Queen Killing Kings / 2009-07-14


As their name may indicate, The Queen Killing Kings is an unusual act. Eschewing the classic rock line-up, they feature two keyboardists and no guitars. Their lyrics are filled with references to demons, witches, and condemned killers, yet they’re hardly gloom-filled Goths; instead, their music is inviting and catchy.
The songs are genuine and the pianist's voice is warm and emotional. The two-piece, drum and piano combination added to the originality. The best part of their set was the last song, a piano ballad with no drums. The singer -- with just piano and voice -- delivered such a strong closing moment I got goose bumps

Tidal Eyes的曲目列表

1. Into the Woods
2. Ivory
3. Birds with Iron Wings
4. Naked in the Rain
5. Warden
6. This Night
7. The Streets
8. Like Lions
9. Strangers in Love
10. Reinventing Language
11. Dark Hearts

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