My Own Way

8.0 37人评价

Jay Sean / 2008-06-24


2008 sophomore album from top Asian UK R&B star Jay Sean. Mixing slick R&B, Hip Hop and Desi beats, this album picks up where 2004's debut Me Against Myself left off. ''Everything on the album was on my terms: everything regarding this project was in my hands,'' says Jay. The majority of the tracks on this album have to do with something that Jay's gone through personally, so when you listening to it, it's as if you're getting a unprecedented look into Jay's life direct from the man himself. Production duties are undertaken by Rishi Rich, Timbaland, Brian McKnight and The Underdogs amongst others. This is a fresh and confident follow up and includes the singles 'Ride It' and 'Maybe'. 14 tracks. 2Points.

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Ride It


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