Hope That Lies in You

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The Glorious Unseen / 2009-08-25


As it gets harder and harder to find good and unique worship bands out in the
masses, The Glorious Unseen comes out again with shining colors. Debuting in
2007 with Tonight the Stars Speak they brought to the table a new level of
worship with very ambient, simple, introspective, and vulnerable lyrics. A
worship album that even people who don?t enjoy worship music can appreciate.
Not losing sight of what their mission, The Glorious Unseen is set to release
their sophomore album entitled The Hope The Lies In You. The new album brings
real life struggles and dealings to the table? turning it into an intimate
time of worship with ambience mixed with the effects used on the guitars.
Some would compare the style to Coldplay?s Chris Martin mixed with the harder
edge of Underoath.

Hope That Lies in You的曲目列表

01. All Around ( 4:35)
02. Take What's Left Of Me ( 4:16)
03. How He Loves ( 4:54)
04. We Can Be Renewed ( 5:31)
05. Heavyhearted ( 4:44)
06. Falling Into You ( 6:28)
07. Come, Heaven ( 3:19)
08. Sustain ( 6:20)
09. Breathe Life Into Me ( 5:19)
10. Awakening ( 4:27)
11. The Hope That Lies In You ( 4:40)
12. Sweet, Sweet Sound ( 6:42)

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