best of angel

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BoA / 2009.07.13


Fellow remixer Yigytugd compiled remixes/mashups for every BoA's debut english album into one collaboration album with other popular DJs and remixers around the Web, including mixes from DJ Amaya, DJ MashUP, DJ Fisun, JTLeung, Drokas, JasonCGuitar and myself.
You might be already familiar with my tracks, since they were released in my site the past months. Be sure to check the other tracks included and support these guys!

best of angel的曲目列表

01Did Ya Buddha’s Delight (BoA vs. Haley Bennett)
02Look Who’s Talking Circus (BoA vs. Britney Spears)
03I Did It For Love (Feat. Sean Garrett) (JTLeung Remix)
04Touch The Music (BoA vs. Rihanna)
05Eat Paparazzi Up (BoA vs. Ajoo vs. Younha vs. C-Luv)
06Diva (JTLeung Eat You Up Remix) (BoA vs. Afterschool)
07Look Who’s Talking (JTLeung Remix)
08Scream… (Talk, Play, Love) …Dream (BoA vs. Anyband vs. Monrose)
09Now You’re Obsessed (BoA vs. Basshunter)
10Did Ya (JTLeung Metalcore Remix)
11Girls On Top (Yigytugd English, Chinese, & Korean Mix) (BoA vs. Yoo Young Jin vs. REIGN)
12I Did It For Love (DJ Amaya vs. Groovebot Club Remix)
13Energetic (BoA vs. Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl (Edson Pride Radio Mix)
14Eat You Up (JasonCGuitar Rock Remix Instrumental)
15Hypnotic Dancefloor (DJ Amaya vs. Groovebot’s Club Remix)
16SOS Obsessed (BoA vs. Rihanna)
17Dress Off (JTLeung Remix)
18Touched My Body (BoA vs. Amerie vs. Mariah Carey vs. T.I.)
19Eat You Up (Yigytugd & JasonCGuitar Rock Remix)

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