Being A Safe Place

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The FM Flash / 2008


The FM Flash are a mainly-instrumental band from London formed in early 2007.
The four piece wrote, recorded and produced their debut EP ‘Being a safe place’ in 2008 which was subsequently released through independent label, workalone recordings.
In 2008, the band were commissioned to create a soundtrack to Ajose Cutting Dance’s ‘Whispers’ which they went on to perform at two sold out shows in The Royal Opera House Linbury Studios.
They have gigged in numerous London venues including Barden’s Boudoir, The Fly, Buffalo Bar & Wilmington Arms
They are planning on gigging extensively in 2009 whilst also fitting in some recording projects to continue making use of their own self-built studio.

Being A Safe Place的曲目列表

1.being a safe place
2.once more with anger
3.The Further You Walk the Harder It Rains And If You're Running... Well...


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