Good Hands Bad Blood

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The Color Turning / 2009年08月04日


The LP artwork concept was inspired by a photo David took during a visit to Mexico. All the illustrations and watercolor were done by the wonderful Jenna Marshall. I spent the last few weeks pecking away at the layout. The lyrics read a lot like a ragged book of some sort.
Emotional Punk listed The Color Turning's "Good Hands Bad Blood" as one of the "Most Anticipated Albums of 2009" . The album was produced by Scott Weiland's business partner, guitarist, and Softdrive Records VP Doug Grean. "Good Hands Bad Blood" was initially slotted for a June release date, but was recently rescheduled for an August 4th, 2009 release.
豆瓣 我草你媽

Good Hands Bad Blood的曲目列表

1. Slow As Passing Cars 6:58
2. Where The Sky Ends 5:14
3. Marionettes In Modern Times 4:12
4. Phantom Parade 4:38
5. Me Versus Me 4:42
6. New Hooligan 5:02
7. Doppelganger 4:11
8. Love & Squalor 4:12
9. Ghost Song 4:02
10. Awake 5:23
11. Porcelain 4:16

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