Oh. Scorpio

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The Films / 2009-01-06


outh Carolina’s The Films, formed in 2003. With two EPs, The Films and Being Bored, and their full-length album, Don't Dance Rattlesnake, The Films set out in 2008 to continue making music in their own unabashed fashion and found a fan and mentor to helm it - production impresario, Butch Walker. Oh, Scorpio took on a more relaxed and serene sound from their previous, well-regarded releases, which encapsulate a grittier, slightly sinister undertone with catchy, guitar-driven melodies.
The Films continued to innovate on this album while paying homage to their heroes: Elvis Costello, Elliot Smith and Tom Petty. At times, they call on piano - laden intros, reminiscent of another time, like the album's first song "Completely Replaceable" and other times, the listener is called on to join in irresistible sing-alongs, like "Holiday." Regardless of the song, cunning lyrics by Michael Trent (Vocals, Guitar) are a lynchpin of the band's repertoire like "Fingernails for Breakfast" and "Me The Thief." With Oh, Scorpio, Trent, Jake Sinclair (Bass, Vocals), Kenneth Harris (Guitar, Keys) and Adam C. Blake (Drums) crafted a classic compendium of timeless songs that impresses by many measures.

Oh. Scorpio的曲目列表

1.Completely Replaceable
3.Fingernails For Breakfast
4.Pour It Out
5.Amateur Hour
6.Number 1
7.God Bless Your Heart
8.Hold On To Me Tight
9.Me + The Thief
10.Something Familiar

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