Dillanthology 2

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J Dilla / 2009-07-07


2009 release, the second installment in the Dillanthology series. Volume Two focuses on some of the seminal remixes from J.Dilla and contains some of the late producers' most defining tracks from Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, The Pharcyde and others.

Dillanthology 2的曲目列表

De La Soul – Stakes Is High (Jay Dee Remix) 4:50
Pharcyde, The – Y? (Be Like That) (Jay Dee Remix) 4:56
Masta Ace Incorporated – Sitting On Chrome (Ummah Remix) 3:18
Slum Village – Fall In Love (Jay Dee Remix) 2:56
Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee Remix) 4:42
Busta Rhymes – Whoo Ha!!! Got You All In Check (Jay Dee Bounce Remix) 4:45
Artifacts – The Ultimate (Unreleased Jay Dee Remix) 2:18
Mood – Secret Of The Sand (Jay Dee Remix) 4:15
Spacek – Eve (Jay Dee Remix) 5:44
DJ Cam – Love Junkie (Jay Dee Remix) 5:06
"Brother" Jack McDuff* – Oblighetto (Jay Dee Remix) 3:19
Brand New Heavies, The – Sometimes (Jay Dee Remix) 4:11

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