Take Me with You

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Lynn Hilary / 2009-04-21


The newest member of multi-Platinum supergroup Celtic Woman, vocalist Lynn Hilary delivers her debut solo album, Take Me with You. An accomplished musician in her own right, Lynn co-wrote this stunning album with legendary Irish-born Nashville-based singer/songwriter Don Mescall, who brought out the more folk and jazz-infused side to Lynn's music.

Lynn has already toured with the group for a year and is currently part of the ensemble's brand-new Isle of Hope tour which includes 75 concert dates from February through July. Prior to joining Celtic Woman, Lynn was a lead vocalist in the iconic Riverdance show and a classically-trained soprano from Dublin. Performing for international audiences and millions of Celtic Woman fans, audiences will have no problem taking her voice and music home with them!

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Melody of Life 3:51


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