In The Fishtank 15

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Sparklehorse / Fennesz / 电子 / 2009 - 9 - 14


2009 CD EP. Just two days in December 2007 were enough to record over 40 minutes of the sublime Fennesz and Sparklehorse combination. Prepared oddities and masses of inspiration make these recordings unique in their style and in this series in particular. Songs and soundscapes of rare beauty with stunning atmospherics, where abstract sounds and wellcrafted traditional song-structure meet and where acoustic instruments and electronics create outstanding ambience. Seven tracks.

In The Fishtank 15的曲目列表

1- music box of snakes
2- goodnight sweetheart
3- shai- hulud
4- if my heart
5- mark´s guitar piece
6- NC bongo buddy
7- christian´s guitar piece

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