Assogattis By the Embers

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Sofia Jannok / 世界音乐 / 2009-01-14


Sofia Jannok is a cool 26-year-old who sings in the North Sami language of the reindeer-herding people who live in the far north of Sweden, but she is certainly no traditionalist. She has a gentle, clear voice, and her original, mostly self-written songs include folk themes that reflect the grandeur of the Arctic wilderness, along with melodic and easy-going folk-pop ballads, and passages where she veers towards jazz improvisation.

Assogattis By the Embers的曲目列表

01. Áššogáttis (By the embers)
02. Árvas (Tundra of Árvas)
03. Liekkas (Warm)
04. Irene (Irene)
05. Davádat (Westbound wind)
06. Váralaš (Dangerous)
07. Sámi eatnan duoddariid (Wide open tundra of Samiland)
08. Vuolvojávrri (Lake of Vuolvojárri)
09. Golle Máze (Golden Máze)
10. Vássán áiggit (Bygone ages)
11. Dulla lulla (Dulla lullabye)

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