Sounds Of Glory And Perdition


A Time To Forget / 2009-3-7


Is hardcore music dead? This is the question everyone in the international music panorama would like to answer to. It's in the autumn of 2007, when "A Time To Forget" start their work in studios in Rome (Italy) for the first time, at Feedback studios. The project arises thanks to the idea of two teen-ager boys who hang out at hardcore ambient of the capital, Rudi and Michael (Andrea Nasca) who, every other lesson, set up a simple sketch of the band in which joins Tiziano de Berardinis (T.X.), actually the guitarist. Then, two other main people join the band and they are essential for the sound development of the band: Manuel Manca and Francesco Benvenuti, who mix perfectly with the band and bring new interesting kinds of sound. In few months they work in record studios at Riko(your hero)'s record studios.Their works is full of hardcore rythmic patterns with a violent and precise screamo inset. The project has a good starting point, showing to the rest of Italian and European music scene that a reality made of youth can make good music and live sound come out. "A Time to Forget" takes its origins from the Roman Hardcore scene, after years of underground music and the development of style carachterized by the rise of many bands which slowly have reached the climax of alternative music. Thanks to the contract with the actual management "is for lovers management" and different booking agencies, A Time To Forget are bringing their music in and accross the italian and european live context taking part in international tours as guest of bands like Saving Joshua(Swe) and Kenai(UK). A special thanksgiving to sponsors: "Rapsody clothing" and "Bulk Europe". They strongly believe in this dream and try the hardest in each occasion, offering to the band important benefits as lives and collaborations with artists very well known i n the world and obviously to the hundreds fans who stay tuned on myspace and download songs in streaming. You are to wait a little bit more for the EP with 4 songs :" I will be there" remastered and the electro/instrumental intro produced by Francesco Catitti(the electric diorama) one of the best pianoplayers in Italy. Our job is to shake your ass with good hardcore as we conceive it. Is hardcore dead? No guys, it's alive more than ever! Andy - "is for lovers management"

Sounds Of Glory And Perdition的曲目列表

Intro (Waiting The End)
Miles Away From Home
I Will Be There
The Empty Space


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