Bad Veins

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Bad Veins / 摇滚 / 2009-07-21


The story began as a solo act, with Davis piecing together ideas he had swimming in his head in the wake of his former bands dissolution. He put down dense orchestral tracks that resonated with a fuzzy melancholy, and featured vocals sung through telephones and megaphones. Though he was making headway recording material on his own, it became clear to Davis that he’d be short a pair of hands if he ever wanted to replicate the recordings on stage.
Enter Schultz, a French born but American raised drummer that had just seen his own band call it quits.Davis quickly found Schultz to be exactly what he needed. The latter’s impassioned drumming took the music to new heights, allowed Davis to kick his stodgy drum machine to the curb, and most importantly gave Bad Veins the opportunity to take the stage.

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