Mayhemic Destruction

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Mortal Sin / 2007-12-25


Australia's biggest thrash band mortal sin has finally re-issued their first two albums on cd. With their 1986 debut album "mayhemic destruction" never officially released before on cd, a great opportunity is finally here for fans young and old to rekindle the brilliance of this classic album. Seven bonus tracks are also included on the cd - live songs from the 1990 tour with testament in dusseldorf germany. The original cd went through the mastering facility of studios 301 where maestro steve smart added some beef and polish to make this an unforgettable release. "face of despair" was the brilliant follow-up from 1989. Three bonus tracks are included on the cd, tracks that were recorded as demos just after "face of despair" was released. Steve smart of studios 301 put this cd through the mastering machines as well and came up with a mighty sound. As 20 years have just passed since the beginning of an amazing journey for a small band from australia, mortal sin pass on these two magnificent gifts - two classics that stand up even today amongst the biggest bands that thrash metal can offer - metallica, slayer, kreator, anthrax, exodus, testament and megadeth.

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