Time Stands Still

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Mike Howe / 2009-07-28


《时光停滞》Welsh park ranger by day, sensitive acoustic guitarist by night, this dude's day job certainly gives him the space to be a sensitive guitarist as he's surrounded by a lot of nature and probably a lot of solitude. If 'Local Hero' gave us any indication, then things haven't changed much. A nice look back at simplicity and elegance meeting at the vortex and making pure music that easily touches you. A very winning debut.

Product Description
Like a child's favorite toy or a warm summer's stroll, unadorned, gentle guitar songs bring a comfort that nurtures the soul. Inspired by the nature of the Welsh national park where he lives and works as an ecologist, Mike Howe's gorgeous first album offers 15 original compositions that will be a welcome pause in any day . . . a respite when time truly stands still.

01 Heading West 3:15
02 The River May Rise 4:17
03 Musselwick 2:47
04 Falling Leaf, Turning World 3:55
05 Run Deep 3:45
06 Journey Home 3:59
07 Nearby Faraway 4:09
08 PWLL Deri 2:59
09 I Will Follow 3:32
10 Jumping the Stream 3:13
11 Winter Afternoon 4:04
12 Clouds 4:21
13 For Clare 2:41
14 When the Snow Comes 4:08
15 Time Stands Still 3:57

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Heading West


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