Kill Kill

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Kill Kill / 1995-08-25


Kill Kill is a gangsta rap artist from the Jordan Downs Housing Projects in Watts, Los Angeles. His self-titled EP was released in 1995 by Laser Records as a promo for his upcoming album “The Trials Of Life”. The full length album was scheduled for August 1995, but was never officially released. The EP features appearances by N.S.S., Ice Melo Jay and The Dulos.
The track, “Here We Go One Time” is a diss towards Tupac Shakur. Kill Kill claims 2Pac stole the concept from his song, “Mama Dear” after he gave him a tape at KKBT 92.3 The Beat radio station.

Kill Kill的曲目列表

The Livin Side:
1.Sweating These Tears
2.Life Is Like A Dice Game
3.I Rather Die
4.My Past And My Present
5.The Outro
The Killin' Side:
6.The Interview
7.Here We Go One Time(2Pac Diss)
8.KK's Message
9.Watts Up(Part2)
10.Welcome 2 My Hood

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