The Winner in Me

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Coko / 2009-07-14


Coko Clemons has been best known as the lead singer of the 90's R&B group, SWV (Sisters With Voices). However, with the impending release of her sophomore release THE WINNER IN ME, Clemons will be seen as much more than a R&B singer who has "crossed over" to sing Gospel. Coko has proven that she is committed to spreading the message of joy and hope. With impeccable vocal range, the songbird mixes her powerful voice with an extraordinary talent of producers to create a highly anticipated gospel album. The project brings together a strong production team including Jazz Nixon (Kelly Price), Keith Crouch (Brandy, Mary J. Blige), Tony Homer(Zie'L), Gerald Haddon (Deitrick Haddon), her husband and drummer for Israel Houghton, Mike Clemons, and others.

The Winner in Me的曲目列表

Make A Way (feat. Canton Jones)


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