Rise and Fall of BMX Bandits

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BMX Bandits / 2009-07-21


2009 collection from the Scottish Pop/Rock outfit led by Duglas T. Stewart. The band's ever-revolving line-up has given birth to many like-minded outfits including Teenage Fanclub, The Soup Dragons, Superstar and other offshoots. The Rise & Fall of BMX Bandits includes old and new material spanning their 20+ year career including 'Disco Girl', 'Whirlpool', 'Help Me Somebody', 'Stupid', 'Extraordinary' and many more. 23 tracks.

Rise and Fall of BMX Bandits的曲目列表

01. E102
02. Disco girl [2008 Version]
03. Your class real
04. I can wait forever real
05. Right across the street real
06. Stardate real
07. Come clean real
08. Extraordinary
09. Baby loves lovin’
10. Let mother nature be your guide real
11. Rimbaud and me
12. Life goes on
13. Hey little Tomboy real
14. The day before tomorrow [2008 Version]
15. Stupid
16. I wanna fall in love [Version 2] real
17. Whirlpool
18. Tugboat (with Angel Corpus Christi)
19. Students of Life
20. Help me, somebody real
21. Intermission [Little seashell ear]
22. Love's sweet music
23. I don't wanna grow up

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