A Million Miles From Home

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Cinnamon Chasers / 电子 / 2009-06-23


Welcome to the world of Cinnamon Chasers, a name that you’ll be hearing a lot more of from now on as this is the first single from the brilliant forthcoming album that is set for release in spring next year.
Cinnamon Chasers is the alter ego of Russ Davies, a man with an extraordinary musical background. As the son and nephew of Dave and Ray Davies, the two founding member of The Kinks. Instead of trying to emulate the sound and vibe of his father’s music, Russ found himself growing up in the first golden era of the UK dance music movement and acid house and mid-nineties underground house and techno is what really excited Russ. Although with his wide musical knowledge and background, rather than create pretentious moody beats Russ wanted to create music that had an honest heart, music with good intentions, music that felt like a good friend. Citing Pink Floyd, KLF, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder and FSOL as influences behind his alternative and epic melodic style.
Having been releasing his own productions and remixes since ’03, Russ already put out the album ‘That Much Closer to the Sun’ through Liquid Sound under the alias Abakus, which has been sole alias up until this year which has seen a slightly new sonic direction and a wealth of new music under the Cinnamon Chasers guise.
Fusing modern ideas and technology with a huge amount of influences from the past, the Cinnamon Chasers material combines Russ’ love of song writing and melody with his equal love of modern electronic music. In a similar mould to Junior Boys, Circlesquare, Matthew Dear and Zoot Woman, but with very much his own sound, Cinnamon Chasers is an exciting new competitor on a playing field that is in need of a new star.

A Million Miles From Home的曲目列表

01 I Like Watching You
02 Jetstreams
03 Wishing for the Fire
04 The World Is Yours
05 Candle Lights
06 Adored
07 Luv Deluxe
08 Modern Love
09 Ray of Sun
10 Ultraviolent
11 White Flag
12 Your Heart Isn't Open Anymore
13 Sentimental

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