Fever Ray

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Fever Ray / 电子 / 2009-04-14


2009 debut album from Fever Ray AKA Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half of The Knife. Fever Ray is the title, of both project and album, an evocation of the music's sound, intense and anxious, yet luminous. After having her second child and eight months of the most productive daydreaming later, Karin had a batch of new songs and the raw materials for the production of Fever Ray. Unsure how to get them over the finishing line, she took half to Christoffer Berg (who mixed The Knife's work), half to Stockholm production duo Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid for a final brush and tickle. The result is Fever Ray, an album that, while recognizably the work of the same artist, is dramatically different from The Knife. 10 tracks.

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If I Had a Heart


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