The Earth Is Black

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Soft Black / 2009-05-26


A noir-ish take on Psychedelic and Poetry Driven Garage Rock
Vincent Cacchione, the bands principle songwriter, began tracking in the New Jersey basement of a dear friend, Nick Coleman, on modest 8 track home recording gear. Most of the basics carved out in just a few takes, the duo of Cacchione and Coleman meticulously crafted each track, orchestrating the album with bursts of noise and melody.
Informing the album's cover art and setting the tone for it's descent into the nocturnal, "The Earth is Black," marries the tale of a narrator awakened to a world of blood-filled clouds and bloodless bodies with a propulsive and primitive rhythm. A long time live favorite, often complete with audiences merrily singing along with lyrics about blood raining from above, the song concludes with the refrain, "the awful sky is dripping on me." "The Flesh of The Sky" petitions the heavens with a tribe of percussion performing a primitive rain dance.

The Earth Is Black的曲目列表

1. The Earth Is Black ( 2:53)
2. The Flesh Of The Sky ( 2:46)
3. I Am An Animal ( 3:05)
4. Ashtray Christ ( 3:12)
5. Mouth Is Drippin' ( 4:18)
6. The Lions ( 1:57)
7. Time Gets Away And Has It's Way With You ( 3:29)
8. Kissing The Dirt ( 3:03)
9. Did You Put A Smell On Me? ( 3:53)
10. Night Terrors ( 5:22)

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