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Trevor Giuliani / 2009-07-21


Born in the outskirts of New York in suburban Connecticut, Trevor Giuliani left to study musical composition at NYU, which Trevor says, “didn’t last long,” that, “school seemed so arbitrary and wastefully expensive, and my education was by no means going to be confined to a $40k a year institution.” So he started his first journey, wandering around NYCs Lower East Side, 18 years old, couch surfing, meeting people he never thought he’d meet, living places he never thought he’d live, rooftops, basements, and making friends in the unlikeliest of places.
It's seemingly difficult to pigeon-hole Trevor Giuliani's songs into a singer/songwriter formula when each arrangement is finely detailed and accompanied by both acoustic and electronic instruments. Listeners will be surprised by the dynamic of Subcontrario (In Stereo) - the breadth of the ups and downs. You'll find off-kilter, syncopated and deliberately out-of-time plucks met by hits that could seem scattered and unfocused if heard on their own. Woven together, however, they paint a picture to be appreciated for its precision. It's deliberate
The journey epitomizes the life and music of Trevor Giuliani. With each song you’re taken with him, lyrically, drawing you into each of his stories. Each song veers from layered musical arrangements, dodging from conventional and formulaic song structures. As you’re lulled into predicting the next phrase or note, Giuliani pleasantly diverges the song into another world.


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