Russian Chants (remix Bill Laswell)


Bill Laswell / Boris Feoktistov / 电子 / 1996

Russian Chants (remix Bill Laswell)的曲目列表

1 Cold Chamber 16:42
1a The Great Litany
1b Alleluia, Tone 8 Troparion, The 1st, The 2nd
1c The Beginning "Bless Be, O Lord" Troparion, "Give Repose, O Lord"
1d The Small Litany
1e "Repose, Our Saviour"
2 Four Sided Vortex 16:27
2a "Repose, Our Saviour"
2b "The Only Immortal"
2c The Small Litany
3 Relative Motion 16:43
3a "I Cry And Sob"
3b "With The Spirits Of The Just"
3c The Insistent Litany

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