Vol. 3-Bali-a Hip Island


Bali-a Hip Island / 2009-05-12


2009 two CD set. In the dreamy vacation paradise, Bali- A Hip Island Vol.3 absorbs every element of Electronic music including Downtempo and Chillout, constructing beautiful scenery with music for travelers who want to escape from big cities. With a breezy mood, Disc One invites Nitin Sawhney, Les Baxter, Jojo Effect and others. While Bali drifts into nightfall, Disc Two collects cuts from Naomi, Nouvelle Vague & Julie Delpy and De Phazz. Sink into paradise lost... only with Bali- A Hip Island Vol.3!

Vol. 3-Bali-a Hip Island的曲目列表

Shrivas - Riversong


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