Between My Head And The Sky

8.3 56人评价

小野洋子 / Sean Lennon / 2009-09-22


披头士主唱约翰·列侬遗孀与列侬的儿子Sean Lennon组成了Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band这支乐队

Between My Head And The Sky的曲目列表

01 Waiting For The D Train.
02 The Sun Is Down! (Cornelius Mix).
03 Ask The Elephant!.
04 Memory of Footsteps.
05 Moving Mountains.
06 Calling.
07 Healing.
08 Hashire, Hashire.
09 Between my Head and the Sky.
10 Feel The Sand.
11 Watching The Rain.
12 Unun. To.
13 I’m Going Away Smiling.
14 Higa Noboru (”the sun is rising”).

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