Dream Elements

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Green Sun / 2008


Green Sun is a chill-out, new age electronic musical project whose sole member is Israeli producer and composer Michael Hefetz. Michael was born in 1978 in Belarus and in 1990 moved to Israel. He started writing music at the age 16, when was introduced by one of his classmates to MOD tracker music. The first attempts to compose music on computer were done with Scream Tracker in 1994. Since Michael had no music education it was not easy. By following the 'trial & error' method he learned a little about music theory. At that period he was hardly influenced by Jean Michel Jarre and early 90's dance bands like Dr. Alban, Snap and more.

Dream Elements的曲目列表

01.In The Beginning 03:19
02.Andromeda 03:39
03.Distant Star 04:24
04.The First Birth 09:33
05.Drop In The Ocean 04:20
06.Himalayas 05:39
07.Ultraviolet 05:02
08.Magic 04:09
09.Simplicity 04:54
10.Two Oceans 04:57
11.On My Way Home 06:13
12.The Last Battle 07:52

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