This and That

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Lizzy Parks / 2009-07-14


Lizzy Parks' second album on Tru Thoughts, is a fully acoustic affair that flows between melodic, guitar-led ditties, and minimalistic moments of sonic bliss wrapped in expansive strings. Produced by Nostalgia 77, this stunning collection of new acoustic material is interspersed with beautifully re-imagined acoustic versions of songs from Parks' acclaimed debut release. Illuminating a new side to her musical personality, This And That sees the gifted singersongwriter moving away from the full-bodied jazz backing of her debut, and into a spacious yet multi-textured acoustic terrain occupied by folky finger-picked guitar, luxurious string themes and the occasional flute trill, with room enough at the centre for her distinctively charming voice to roam and range.

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This And That


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